I would do anything for my man, but I never expected it to be his boss. As I bounce my ass and feet off the edge of the office desktop, all shiny and reflecting in the fluorescent lighting. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good; I was just doing it because my husband was such a whimpering idiot. He swore to me he wouldn’t have to ask, but he needed to be sure his job was secure. Meaning he probably had already screwed it up.

So I was taking it doggy-style atop that redwood desk, after I had abruptly arrived that night before sunrise. We fucked hard and I came several times, something that also amazed me. Because my husband’s boss had a cock that seemed unremarkable, yet it was so long lasting that it seemed like all night. He kept going on, in and out of me, so wild. To say my breath was taken away would be an understatement.

My husband’s boss is into anal sex, bondage and oral, and probably more than I want to know.

That is what I was learning, so what could I do with this knowledge? I am so heavily overtaken by the sensual world discovered tonight. I took it from behind, I took it down my throat, and then my husband’s boss hand cuffed me, and we did it over again. I had never experienced so many kinds of stimulation to my body. It had me losing myself to my physical senses, and doing anything I was instructed by my husband’s boss without a question.

That night ended sweetly, but I still needed more. What was I to do now? Was I never again to experience what I had? No, I think not. Instead I called my husband’s boss in secret, during the evening two nights later, when I told him to be expecting me in the morning again. Now my body is being rocked harder and longer than before, while this time I am handcuffed by the hands and feet to a four poster bed. I am turned over on my belly face down. Now I am willing, so ready and able bodied enough to take it all.

Everything seems sexy and psychedelic, as my whole physical body shakes with delight. My pores sweat and I am leaving an impression in wetness on the sheets. All this is only the beginning, as my husband’s boss takes hold of my hair, makes me swing and sing aloud to his thrusting. He cums in my ass, then pulls his throbbing member out, switching to the other side of the bed and then he puts himself in my mouth.

Nothing made me more enraged, but then quickly turned to my begging for more. Of which he was happily giving it to me. I loved it when it gave it to me in the ass and then made me swallow with the mouth. In the end result, everything worked out just peachy. It became a simple matter of transactions, so I made my husband feel safe and secure in his job, while once a month my husband’s boss and I met for an early morning lunch or midnight supper together while we perfected our mutual love of anal sex, bondage and oral.

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